Past editions

Security Innovation Day 2019 – Guards for Digital Lives

It is November 2019, in Madrid, Spain. A group of fugitive replicants have broken out of the colonies from the outside world and have landed on Earth to threaten the security of our digital lives. A special squad of guards is working to identify, detect and respond to the cyberthreats of this hyperconnected world.

We would like to introduce you our Guards for Digital Lives. They are responsible for developing innovation within ElevenPaths, as well as for automatizing processes and restoring our customers’ services when a security incident occurs... all to ensure that 2019 does not turn into the dystopian future depicted in ‘Blade Runner’. In summary, this is security created by people, for people.

All the news that we have being presenting at the event in one place. Read the informative notice and know the news that we presented last November 13 in Distrito Telefónica, Madrid.

Security Innovation Day 2018 – Game is Never Over. Time for Real Innovation.

In our world, security is infinite. At ElevenPaths, we want to go as far as possible in every challenge and opportunity. That's why we develop innovation to deal with threats, attacks and, of course, protect our allies. The Game Is Never Over. It is Time for Real Innovation.

From an approach based on the relationship existing between videogames and cybersecurity, ElevenPaths presented, over the VIth edition of the event, the Telefónica's SOC (Security Operations Center), a 24x7 highly-qualified incident response team located in Madrid, as well as the following products: the marketing of Faast for WordPress and mASAPP Online, focused on online sales; the new IoT security services based on Telefónica's SOCs strengths; and a lot more. However, there is no doubt that the main player of this event was Stela FileTrack, a new solution to protect organizations' sensitive documentary information.

Security Innovation Day 2017 - Security Rock!

During the event we announced the integration of the SealSign platform with Microsoft Azure Key Vault, thanks to the Gradiant technology, that will provide users with improved storage, scalability and availability with a saving of implementation costs of up to 80%.

Also, we presented some new cibersecurity solutions as SS-WIFI, a solution that allows organizations to know what users connect to their Wi-Fi, identifying them through their mobile telephone number; the improvements in navigation security for users though the high-quality Telefonica routers; the Faast solution for WordPress, persistent pentesting which allows organizations to reduce the time needed to detect security breaches within WordPress; Signbox, a solution which allows, amongst other things, the definition of signature flows when many individuals take part; and "Codename Path8", a solution for the protection of organization’s sensitive documentary information, adding a layer of traceability which allows online visibility of the complete life cycle of each document.

Security Innovation Day 2016 - Let Security Be_

Welcome to Security Innovation Day 2016, with the motto "Let Security Be_". At the event Telefonica and ElevenPaths, together with their cybersecurity experts and partners, presented their new solutions and technology integrations to face different types of cyber threats.

Security Innovation Day 2015 - Feel the Power, Dominate Security.

"Feel the Power, Dominate Security" that's the motto for Company's Security Innovation Day. During the conference we presented how we have been creating synergies with added value partners, and combined with our technological capabilities, you can have control over your company's digital security.