Welcome to our Security Innovation Days 2020: The New Era

Cyber security in the Era of Digital Transformation

We are living in times of digital transformation. Technology is constantly evolving, taking us not to an era of change, as we are used to hearing, but to a change of era, to a new era.

In today's digital world, cyber security is the essential foundation. It is impossible to understand digital transformation if it is not built upon solid security pillars, including a defined strategy and sufficient, suitable resources.

At ElevenPaths, we work with digital transformation to embrace and define The New Era, and to become a key player for our customers in their digital lives. Only those organizations that recognize that in this new era it is necessary to invest in both material and human resources, will be able to progress in the new "Digital Cyber Security Transformation" environment.

At the end of last year, we announced the creation of Telefónica Tech, ElevenPaths becoming Telefónica's cyber security company and a subsidiary of the new Telefónica Tech holding company. We aim to support our customers in the digitalization process by offering a comprehensive security management service, integrating the digital capabilities of The New Telefónica.

A 2020 full of change and uncertainties has brought a new paradigm, a new normal, a new era, the digitalization era: "The New Era".


(CET) – Central European Time

(CET) – Central European Time

(CET) – Central European Time

Jay Chaudhry

Jay Chaudhry

Zscaler CEO

Alberto Sempere

Alberto Sempere

ElevenPaths Global Product & Alliances Director

SID 2020 - Miguel Ángel Pérez Acevedo

Miguel Ángel Pérez Acevedo

ElevenPaths Head of Global Cloud Security Product & Spanish Product Marketing

SID 2020: Vicente Segura

Vicente Segura

Telefónica Head of IoT and OT Security

SID 2020 - David Prieto

David Prieto

ElevenPaths Head of Risk & Compliance & Identity & Fraud Services

Nir Zuk

Nir Zuk

Palo Alto Networks Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Miguel Ángel de Castro

Miguel Ángel de Castro

ElevenPaths Lead Analyst

SID 2020- Roberto Carlos Pérez

Roberto Carlos Pérez

ElevenPaths Head of Managed Services

Martina Matarí

Martina Matarí

ElevenPaths Threat Hunting Team Lead

Elena Lim

Elena Lim

ElevenPaths Head of CyberAcademy+

SID 2020 - José Manuel Ávalos

José Manuel Ávalos

ElevenPaths Business Development Manager of CyberAcademy+

Alejandro Ramos

Alejandro Ramos

ElevenPaths Global Chief Security Operations Officer

Security Innovation Days 2020 - Eduard Chaveli

Eduard Chavelí

Head of Consulting Strategy

SID 2020 - Josu Franco

Josu Franco

Cytomic Strategy and Technology Advisor in Engineering

Guenia Gawendo

Guenia Gawendo

Telefónica Innovation Ventures Managing Director

SID 2020 - Raúl Riesco

Raúl Riesco

ElevenPaths Strategic Public Affairs & Investments Manager

Gonzálo Fernández

Gonzálo Fernández

ElevenPaths CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

David López Meco

David López Meco

ElevenPaths Product Manager

Sergio de los Santos

Sergio de los Santos

ElevenPaths Innovation and Labs Leader

SID 2020 - Helene Aguirre

Helene Aguirre

ElevenPaths International Telco Partnerships & Sales

SID 2020: Samuel Bonete

Samuel Bonete

Netskope Regional Sales Manager Iberia

David Vara

David Vara

ElevenPaths Head of ILABS Certifications and Accreditations

SID 2020 José Torres

José Torres

ElevenPaths Tech Lead Innovation and Lab Team

SID 2020 - Chema Alonso

Chema Alonso

Telefónica Chief Digital Consumer Officer (CDCO)


Cybersecurity, the Basic Foundation for Digital Confidence

ElevenPaths is Telefónica's cyber security company, part of the Telefónica Tech holding, which brings together the digital businesses with the greatest growth potential in the company.

In a world in which cyberthreats are inevitable, as intelligent managed security services suppliers, we focus on preventing, detecting, responding and diminishing the possible attacks faced by companies. We guarantee the cyberresilience of our customers through 24/7 support entirely managed from eleven i-SOCs around the world with global operational capacity.

We believe in challenging the current state of security, a characteristic that must always be present in technology. We are constantly rethinking the relationship between security and people with the aim of creating innovative products capable of transforming the concept of security. In this way, we manage to stay one step ahead of our attackers, whose presence is increasing in our digital lives. We work to guarantee a safer digital environment through strategic alliances that allow us to improve the security of our clients. Besides constant collaborations with leading organisations and entities such as the European Commission, Cyber Threat Alliance, Cloud Security Alliance, Cyber Security Alliance, EuroPol, Incibe, OpenSSF, OEA, ISAAC, OCA, FIRST, IoT Security Foundation, Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial (CCI) y APWG.